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Our Mission

Crossroads at Park Place, Inc. opened its doors in October 2001 with a simple mission: to provide services to promote the health, hygiene and dignity of persons experiencing homelessness and poverty in Southeast Houston, Texas.

The following videos are simply intended to give you a deeper look into the ministry and encourage you to take part! Watch here:

 Crossroads 2016
 Crossroads Origins & Client Testimonies
 Crossroads Today & Tomorrow


Client Services

Open each Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., Crossroads provides separate shower facilities for women and men, in addition to laundry services, a clothing closet, hygiene and first aid products, and ever-expanding medical and social services. While clients enjoy the respite and wellness this retreat from the streets provides, breakfast and lunch are served, along with generous portions of friendship.



Volunteer driven, Crossroads is located within the welcoming arms of Servants of Christ Church, corner of Park Place Blvd. and Broadway, and within the heart of the community. Crossroads is administered by a volunteer board of directors, representing a broad range of social service, medical, ministerial, and non-profit experience.

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